Thirty-five year old Kenneth Andrew Carrothers of Sarnia was arrested on Tuesday night around 8:15 PM in the area of North Mackenzie and Durand Streets after having done extensive damage to several homes.  Neighbours in the area had given chase after witnessing the man use two large wooden sticks to break windows.  The man also had a rock which he threw at the side of another home, damaging the siding.  He used another rock and threw it at a 21 year old man who had given chase.  The rock hit the man in the stomach, causing bruising and swelling.

Sarnia Police responded to the area after receiving numerous calls about the crazed and intoxicated man around 8 PM.   The homes, located in the 300 block of North Mackenzie Street had front windows smashed out with the wooden sticks, one being the handle of a rake.

The man fled to the 200 block of Durand Street, smashing out the front porch window on a home, then throwing a rock at the siding of another.   Police arrived; saw the man running eastbound while holding the sticks.  He was ordered to drop the weapons.  He immediately complied and lay on the ground.   He was promptly arrested.  He faces numerous charges including Breach of Probation x 2, Breach of Recognizance, Weapons Dangerous to the Public Peace, Mischief to Property Over $5,000 x 4 and Assault with a Weapon.  The man had just been released on the Recognizance of Bail on July 19, 2012. 

He remains in custody to await a bail hearing on August 24, 2012.