On June 9, around 3 AM, an intoxicated male attended a business in the area of Finch and Wellington.  He was belligerent to persons working and began smacking the glass counter.  He was yelling and screaming.  The man then punched an interior glass door and it shatters.  He was subdued and calmed by three customers to await police arrival.  The 23 year old Sarnia man was arrested for Mischief Over $5000 and Cause Disturbance.  He was held for bail.

Later that same night, around 9:30 PM, police were sent to Whitmore Avenue on a report of someone selling drugs from an apartment.  Police attended the suspected residence and knocked on the door.  They were met by a 24 year old Sarnia man who had a marihuana cigarette above his ear.  Police seized the evidence and arrested the man.  He indicated more marihuana could be found inside and police located 57 grams of marihuana.  A young child was also found inside with the mother.  The man was released on an Appearance Notice for court in July.

On June 10, around midnight, police attended Christina and Confederation regarding an intoxicated man. The man had climbed on top of an industrial apparatus and refused to leave.  He was ranting and not making any sense.  Two officers got the man down but were met by some resistance by the 23 year old accused who had refused to identify himself.  He was charged with Trespassing and held till he was sober.

About 3 hours later, police were on patrol near Cromwell and Front.  They observed a man lying on the ground.  He was awoken and stood up by it was obvious he was intoxicated.  The 28 year old London man said he wanted to walk to Ilderton.  He could not provide police with an address in Sarnia where he was staying.  He was arrested and held till sober.  He was issued a Provincial Offence Notice for Being Intoxicated in a Public Place.

Later that night, around 7:30 PM, Police attended the area of Maple and Cedar regarding an intoxicated man on a bicycle.  Police attended and found that the 55 year old Sarnia man was on a form of release with a condition of no alcohol.  He was arrested and held for bail.