Sarnia Police arrested and/or charged approximately 30 people over the Bayfest weekend for liquor related offences.  Many of the incidents were from the area of Centennial Park, others were not.  Sarnia Police are at Bayfest to ensure the safety and enjoyment of attendees.  A very small percentage of people interfere with that and these are just a few of the examples. 

It kicked off around 8 PM on the night of July 12th when a 61 year old female was arrested after being ejected from the park for being intoxicated.  She was lodged until sober and issued a Provincial Offences Notice. She missed the concert.

Later, around 10:10 PM, a 25 year old man from Aylmer, Ontario was also ejected from the park by security.  He was being resistive and Sarnia Police stepped in to assist.  He was lodge until sober and also issued a Provincial Offence Notice.

About 10 minutes later, a 17 year old man was observed by police swinging around a display sign which was disruptive to other patrons.   He was escorted off the property.  He was intoxicated.  It was learned that he had gained entry by using fake identification which was seized from him.  He was turned over to his father.  Both were from Dorchester, Ontario.

Around 10:50 PM, a 46 year old Sarnia man was found to be quite intoxicated and escorted from the park.  He was later observed by police on the outside perimeter swearing obscenities at others.  Police spoke to the man to send him on his way.  He staggered about and was eventually arrested and lodged.

On July 14 around 1:40 AM, police located a 23 year old Courtright man in the downtown core.  He was unsteady on his feet.  Police instructed the man to stop but he kept walking and stumbling down Front Street near Davis Street.  When asked for identification, the man handed over his bank card.  When asked how much he had to drink he stated “not enough”.  He was asked if anyone could come and pick him up but he indicated he would prefer to walk home.  He was lodged for his own safety until he was sober. 

Later that day, just before 7 PM, just as the concert was starting, security were attempting to remove a man from the park.  He was being unco-operative.  It was going to be the first arrest of the night.  It took four officers to carry the intoxicated man out.  He did not obey the commands of police and refused to stand up.  Due to his large size, the officers had difficulty getting him into the back of the paddy wagon.  He too was lodged and missed the show.

Fifteen minutes later, police responded to a man passed out on a bench in the area of Wellington and Victoria.  They located him and he told officers he was just taking a nap prior to attending Bayfest.  He was not intoxicated but sent on his way.

Closer to 10 PM, a 36 year old London man was throwing beer around in the licenced area of the park.  One of those beers struck the lower leg of a uniformed officer.  He was escorted off the property.  Information from other patrons indicated he had been throwing things at others throughout the night.  He was given a place to sober up.

On the same night, as the concert ended and people were leaving the park on foot and in their cars, uniformed officers were directing traffic.  One of those officers was at the intersection of Harbour Road and Exmouth Street when he observed a domestic confrontation between a 26 year old Mount Bridges woman and her 34 year old boyfriend who is from Watford.  The woman was found to be intoxicated and arrested.  She was lodged a picked up a short time later by her father.

At the very end of the night, police found a lonely man up against the fence on the west side of the park.  He too was escorted to police headquarters but not before he vomited all over the ground.  He was retrieved at headquarters by his in-laws.

On July 15, 2012 around 2:30 AM, police were sent to the 1200 block of London Road regarding a fight.  An intoxicated man was located outside.  The 20 year old Wallaceburg man was not wearing a shirt and could not walk due to his intoxicated state.  He was arrested and handcuffed.  He was taken to the police station and booked in where he vomited all over the cell block area.

And finally, that night at about 11 PM, attendees at the park pointed out to police, a man in the parking lot area on the west side.  He was intoxicated and had vomited all over the immediate area.  The 28 year old man from Petrolia was lodge with to await sobriety.