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Accused Re-Offends Immediately After Being Released From Bail Court


Broadcast time:
10:10 AM

Date: September 28, 2021

On September 26, 2021, at approximately 1:00 PM, Trevor James Clark, 29 years of age, was involved in the theft of a pickup truck which in turn was driven through the City of Sarnia in a dangerous manner causing 5 collisions. Officers were able to finally locate the suspect after a collision on Exmouth Street at the Howard Watson Trail and with the assistance of a member of the public Clark was taken into custody.

Clark was charged with numerous charges which included theft of a motor vehicle and dangerous driving and was held by police for Bail Court (via video link at the Sarnia Police Headquarters).

On September 27, 2021, at approximately 1:13 PM, Trevor Clark was released by Bail Court and at 1:21 PM the Sarnia Police received a call advising that an individual was putting air in his boat trailer tires at a gas bar located in the area of Exmouth Street and Christina Street. The complaint went on to advise that as they were doing that someone jumped into their vehicle and drove away with the vehicle and the boat in tow.

As the suspect drove away the complainant received the assistance of a bystander who helped the complainant by following the suspect in order to update the police.

The accused made his way southbound on Christina Street, and then began to take side streets. Due to the condition of the boat trailer tire and the rate at which it was being driven the tire exploded rendering it useless.

The stolen vehicle came to a stop in the area of London Road and Norman Street where an officer located it. The suspect then ran from the vehicle and the officer noticed that the stolen vehicle was left in gear and was rolling away. Thus, the officer was able to put the vehicle into park prior to giving chase to the accused.

Fortunately, another officer in the area was able to keep an eye on the suspect and direct the other officer to where Clark was going. He was finally taken into custody without incident.

Trevor James Clark now faces the following charges:

1) Theft of a motor vehicle

2) Dangerous operation

3) Failing to comply with a release order

4) Theft over $5000

Clark was again held by police and will re-attend bail court today.

Constable Giovanni Sottosanti

Media Officer

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