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Commercial Motor Vehicle Enforcement


Broadcast time: 08:40 hrs

Date: 13 August 2020

On Wednesday August 12 2020, Sarnia Police Service traffic division partnered with CN Police, MTO, OPP and conducted a joint forces commercial vehicle enforcement blitz in Sarnia’s industrial area. In total, 43 Commercial Motor Vehicles were inspected with 27 being removed from the roadway for such things as, insecure loads, loose wheel fasteners, inoperative brakes, leaking brake lines, no turn signals and brake lights, overweight on tires, insecure dangerous goods and overall unsafe road fitness.


An additional 43 warnings/charges were issued including 9 moving violations (speeding, fail to stop at stop sign, fail to wear seat belt, etc), annual inspections, overweight vehicles, unsafe, daily trip inspections and other document related issues.


The above emergency services agencies would like to remind the public that any person operating a vehicle on the roadway must ensure they have their loads properly secured and that they have working signal and brake lights. In addition, every motor vehicle, other than a motorcycle, when driven on a highway shall be equipped with at least two braking systems, which means the regular brakes and also the emergency or parking brake must be in working order at all times. This should be tested regularly, at a safe location and only while in idle, to ensure it is functioning and is capable of holding the vehicle from moving. Drivers of commercial vehicles need to ensure they are conducting thorough trip inspections every day and properly completing the required report prior to driving on the roadway.




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