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Stunt and Aggressive Driving Update


Broadcast time:
10:00 AM

Date: September 14, 2021

The Government of Ontario has implemented stiffer penalties for those who violate Stunt Driving and Street Racing Laws as per the Highway Traffic Act of Ontario (section 172).

Those violating these laws will face an immediate 30-day licence suspension and 14-day vehicle impoundment.

Also, section 172 of the Highway Traffic Act will be expanded to apply to certain off-locations such as parking lots, bike paths, and trails.

Stunt Driving includes:

  • Driving 40 kms per hour or more over the speed limit on roads with a speed limit less than 80 kms per hour
  • Driving 50 kms per hour or more over the speed limit if the speed limit is 80 kms per hour or more
  • Driving in a way that prevents other vehicles from passing
  • Intentionally cutting off another vehicle
  • Intentionally driving too close to another vehicle, pedestrian or fixed object
  • Driving a motor vehicle in a manner that indicates an intention to lift some or all of its tires from the surface of the highway
  • Driving a motor vehicle in a manner that indicates an intention to spin it or cause it to circle, without maintaining control over it
  • Driving a motor vehicle while the driver is not sitting in the driver’s seat
  • Driving a motor vehicle with a person in the trunk of the motor vehicle

Street Racing includes:

  • Two or more motor vehicles driving in a way that indicates the drivers are competing
  • Chasing another motor vehicle
  • Changing lanes repeatedly at a high rate of speed and weaving through traffic


We would just like to remind the public that by driving safely you may be avoiding serious injuries or sparing someone’s life.


Constable Giovanni Sottosanti

Media Officer

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