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Which is Which?

Broadcast time: 1:50 PM Date: October 6, 2020

At approximately 7:30 AM, this morning (October 6, 2020), Sarnia Police responded to a call in the area of Campbell Street and Samuel Street. A bystander had observed a male wearing an orange camouflage jacket walking down the road carrying and attempting to conceal what was described as a carbine-style rifle.

Officers located the 58-year-old man with the rifle strapped to his back still in the area.

Officers were able to apprehend the male without incident and were able to determine that the rifle was actually a paintball gun. The male advised that he was off to sell the gun to someone. Ultimately, since he did not use it any manner to threaten anyone, he was released without conditions.

We would like to remind people that carrying a gun that is made to imitate a real firearm may insight fear and concern when made visible to the public. Please, if you are legally in possession of an imitation firearm transport it in a manner as not to generate this type of negative attention (keep it out of sight). Real firearms have specific requirements and licensing for their transportation.

Below is a photo of a police issued carbine rifle and the paintball rifle from this morning. From several feet away it difficult to tell which is real and which is an imitation especially if pointed at someone.

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